Welcome to Sunflower Mommy!

I created this site to help moms with everything from cooking to education. In particular, it currently caters to those in the Chicago and surrounding areas when it comes to events. However, the rest of the site is informative for all moms. My goal is to provide moms with all sorts of information to try to make their lives easier.

This week's experience:

20 years in 20 days

New items on site:

Family-        Activities with your kids
                  Books, books, books!
                  Missed your first utility payment? Here is some help!
                  Product recalls
Education-   How to evaluate the right elementary school through assessments.
                    Enrichment Program Database!!!!

Health-        No insurance; sites that will help you.
Cooking-      Deals at Chicago Restaurants
                    Kids eat FREE!!!
                    Cooking with kids
                    No Knead Bread- Amazing!!
                    Great Depression Cooking

Events-        Things to do this weekend.

Shopping-    Fashionable clothes for children!
                    Fair Trade Store!

                    Groupon- Deals in Chicago
                    Free haircuts & color!!
                    Printable coupons
                    Good food at a reduced cost!