About Sunflower Mommy

Sunflower Mommy is something I created to share with other moms, things that I have found useful or that made my life easier. Our lives as moms are fulfilling but there are times when it is frustrating, lonely, and just plain confusing. I am hoping that the resources I research, investigate and experience will help you as well. I welcome ideas and suggestions from other moms because we just have to help each other as much as we can.

Why a sunflower? Well, let's see:

  • Beautiful, bright, and cheery
  • Native to the Americas
  • Sunflower seeds feed humans, birds and livestock
  • Spiral florets are in a Fibonacci number sequence (complicated)
  • Follows the direction of the sun
  • Sunflower oil is used in cooking, margarine, carrier oil, biodiesel, and has higher amounts of monounsaturated fats than olive oil.
  • Produces latex
  • Used to extract toxics from oil such as lead, arsenic and uranium
  • Worshipped by the Incas
  • Symbol of Green Ideology
As you can see, there are many layers and facets to a sunflower that make it unique just like moms.

About me? I was a social worker for more than ten years; I worked with infants, children and adolescents who were either developmentally delayed, learning disabled, or abused. Later I was an administrator at a private university working in the fields of financial aid, advising and retention. As a mom, I experienced the challenges of post-partum depression, was a single first-time mom (my spouse was deployed to Iraq when our son was three months old) and learned that faith, hope, family and friends are our remedies for survival.