Homemade Chicken Soup- Whether you are trying to help fight a cold or drink it as a preventative, soup really does soothe the soul.

Great Depression Cooking- This is about an elderly woman who lived through the Great Depression and talks about what her mother cooked during that time. It's a popular page and some of the recipes are pretty good. Check it out!

Do you want to learn how to make one of those beautiful and tasty artisan breads? Well you can! Below is the link of the video and I also included the link for the recipe. It's actually very easy to do and no kneading!

No Knead Bread video
No Knead Bread recipe
Cooking with Kids-

Pizza Pita

I have always seen this type of recipe in articles but I never tried it. Finally I did, and it was a lot of fun and tasted pretty good.
I bought Lebanese pita from Shop and Save (they are large-size pitas and rather thin) and put it on the counter. I used Barilla's Tomato & Basil sauce and poured it in a bowl. For cheese, you can use fresh mozzarella (they have them on sale now at places like Jewel-Osco, Costco, & Tony's Finer Foods) or packaged, shredded cheese. I also put that in another container. I had my son use either a ladle or a pastry brush to put the sauce first. Then he put the cheese. Finally, I drizzled some extra virgin olive oil on top. Put it in a 250-300 degree oven and wait for the cheese to melt.
It was nice and crispy, and we all had fun eating it! Great lunch idea that is quick and super easy.