Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs. I started this when my son was two years old, I decided to get him to help me cook, so I started with this one. He was so entertained and that he actually ate the eggs!

I got a whisk and a steel bowl. With my hand over his, we crack the egg. I pour the egg into the bowl for him. Then, with my hand over his, we whisk the egg. I say words like "careful" and "gently" and then let it go so he is doing it independently. I bring out the salt and pepper mill. I help him with the salt and tell him to sprinkle three times. Then, the piece of resistance, the pepper mill. He loves to twist it! (I love to hear him say 'pepper' like a chipmunk with its cheeks full of nuts!) I sometimes add a little bit of milk (1 tb) to the mixture. I cook it and then serve it on his plate. Voila!