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Chicago International Charter Schools

Charter schools receive federal funding however, do not have to adhere to the same rules and regulations of public schools but are accountable to perform certain educational outcomes. Most are founded by teachers, parents, and non-profit groups.

This is their website:

Here are their assessment results:

Before I begin to evaluate each chart, I do want to say that overall, the students in this school are making gains (improvements) in their academics. The Illinois Standardized Achievement Test (I-SAT) is a tool that the state uses to measure how the students are doing in subjects like reading, math, and writing.

So for the first chart shows how each campus (there are nine) compare to Chicago Public Schools. Be aware that this only displays how each campus met or exceeded the state standards. Looking at this, you don't know what the state standard is but I have that information. We'll get to that one in a bit.
The schools performed better in math than in reading (it seems that reading is a challenge). It's nice to see that their math skills are so great. The next two charts break it down by grades and each chart specifies results for reading (blue) and math (orange). It compares how the charter schools did overall in these subjects. You can see that they are improving in these subject areas except for the slight dip in eighth graders for math.

Here's the state report card. This combines all the campuses but separates them by grade, school year, and subject area. Let's just look at the first one, third grade, and not specifically the chart but the table with percentages just below it. Reading the numbers from left to right (2000-2008 school years), you can see an improvement especially in math. However reading still has some challenges, and writing even more. Looking at the chart above, the goals is to eliminate the red, and substantially decrease the yellow. For a charter school, you would expect the blue part to be larger and it is for math in 2008 (26% of all the 3rd graders in all the campuses exceeded state standards), but again, reading and writing needs improvement.

Here's one more comparison that is between the charter schools vs. the entire. The charter schools are still behind the state average but they are improving.