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St. Germaine Catholic Private School

With private schools, it can be a little harder to get test results especially on the Web. But it doesn't hurt to ask for some documentation. Also, look up any awards they have received and read up on them.

St. Germaine received the Blue Ribbon Award in 2007. Only 19 schools in the entire State of Illinois received this award. To be eligible for this award, the school must perform at the top 10% in all state assessments in reading and mathematics. Private and public schools can apply for this award. Blue Ribbon schools are considered America's most successful schools.

The school does provide the Terra Nova test scores for 2008. Looking at the table you can see the 3rd grades did a little above average in science and that the 7th graders did above average in reading but not as good as the 3rd and 5th graders. Overall, the scores are all above average which is extremely good. Though the ISAT and Terra Nova are different assessments, it almost looks as though St. Germaine the same or better than the magnet school.