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High School

You are in the home stretch! Four more years and they are out of the house!! Yeah right! Nowadays, kids relationships with their parents are so connected, that why leave? More and more stay home even after college, because 1) it's cheaper and 2) they don't mind the rules.

This is the time when they have to start thinking about college. By 10th grade, they should be enrolled to take the PSAT, in order to get an idea of where they stand and what they need to study on more. Starting at 9th grade, admission counselors will review high school transcripts up to their senior year. Did their grades improve? What challenging classes did they take? Any AP classes? If the student is an art major, did she take any painting classes? How did she do? When the student graduated from high school, did he maintain his GPA or did he slack off? The admissions counselor could deny the student admission if he did.

This is a very important time. The next four years should have the student engaged in activities that will be reflected on the college admission application. Babysitting, participating in community service (i.e., collecting used cell phones for veterans, or passing out holiday gifts to the elderly), winning at a science fair, participating in sports, are all essential to the process and should be documented. It shows a student who has a work ethic, team player, motivated and ambitious, and concerned about others. There are also summer enrichment programs students should participate in as well. They get to stay at a university to learn a particular subject (engineering, science, math, etc.) with a college professor and live in the dorms. Some offer financial assistance. This is a great way for the student to help them transition into college life, but it also gives them an opportunity to decide what college they would like to attend.

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