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Enrichment Programs

There are so many programs out there and you can spend hours searching through the Web for one. I decided to put most, if not all, on one page for you like a database.
It's so important if you can have your adolescent attend one of these programs. It not only prepares them for college but it gives them a better chance to be accepted into a really good college program. Admission counselors make a note of this when reviewing a candidate. If money is a problem, contact the college to see if they have need-based scholarships. Some of them do!
  1. LEAD (for business) (
  2. MITES (for engineering) (
  3. Boston Leadership Institute: One of the top STEM summer research programs.
  4. Journalism: Media Entrepreneurship at the University of Illinois
  5. Free math camp at the University of Illinois
  6. For writers (this is in the Northeast) (
  7. One of the prominent international programs (
  8. Another international one (
  9. More international (
  10. For minorities (
  11. Academic and artistic (
  12. Academics (
  13. Domestic & International (
  14. The Arts, creative writing, and more (
  15. Here is a listing I found of most of the colleges that offer these programs (
Also, take a look at Alternative Break programs for volunteer work.