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Middle School

This is when you either want to run out of your house screaming or take deep breaths and exhale SLOWLY. Or, my sister tries to huge some humor to the situation by calling me and asking me if the 3pm train is coming. Why? Because she wants to stand in front of it!!

This is really a crazy time....hormones all over the place (and you can't clean it up); their bodies are changing (nose and teeth look huge compared to their face--and don't forget the pimples!); they know more than you do, or their friends know more than you do; need I say more?

Just stick to your guns, keep the routine the same as expected, but you may need to negotiate. If your pre-teen wants to stay out a little later, what's in it for you? They want to be treated like adults, well, that's part of negotiating. If they keep their grades up and their chores (and not talk back to you), maybe it's worth considering.

Remember, keep the video games to a minimum, make sure they are in some extracurricular activity (even if it's just one), and always have them volunteer in some type of community service. It should help keep them grounded and think of others instead of themselves and appreciate what they have at home.