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Home Maintenance

That dreaded word. I have known some people where cleaning gives them a level of satisfaction, but not for me. If I win the lotto, I would definitely hire a housekeeper! Since I am allergic to dust mites and mold, cleaning has to be done. I am always searching for products that make it more efficient to keep things sterile but not feel like I'm a slave to my home.

First, try to break up your cleaning into two days. This might be hard if you work M-F with long hours and errands to run but it does make it less stressful. Using most of your Saturday to clean, your day off, just stinks. But you have to do what you can. What I do is on one day just dust and clean the bathrooms. The next day, sweep and mop. That's it. The kitchen should never be part of the equation b/c you are always cleaning it by default. It should never be part of the cleaning day.

Products I really like:

Clorox wipes (or you can use generic ones). I have one in each bathroom. Great for unexpected guests and for those little boys (or big ones) who just can't aim. Grab a wipe, clean toilet. Grab another, sink. The only con about the wipes are two: sometimes they don't come out as easily as you want it to and they are very drying on your hands. So wash your hands after you use them and then use some hand lotion.

Swiffer duster. Alleluia! LOVE it!

Swivel sweeper. You can buy it in Target for $34.99 under "as seen on TV" section. It's a cordless, light, electronic vacuum. You have to remember to charge it after each major use. It works best on hard floors and some area rugs.

Soft Paws- Why is a pet product in this section? Easy. Saves my furniture from being destroyed! I have a cat and I can't bear to declaw her. I have tried scratching posts, sprays, behavior modification, etc. Nothing works. This is a blessing. She can keep her claws and I can keep my home looking decent.