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First Dental Visit

So we took our son to his first dental visit. Well, technically, this is our second attempt. The first time, he was about two and a half and it was a month after he had received his first flu shot. It was a nightmare. My son and I were there for only five minutes when he had an absolute fit and refused to sit in the chair. He feared another shot.

Now he was four, and I was taking my husband with me. I figured that since we all needed cleanings, he can watch one of us go through the process. Prior to that, I had checked out a video (yes, I own both a VCR & DVD), on a dental visit that had Goofy as its host. He watched it four times! Further, his preschool was celebrating dental hygiene month in February (this was not planned so the forces that be were somehow united to help me) and were already educating him on the subject.

The visit was a success. The office staff was very accommodating, and let my son watch his dad get his teeth examined and cleaned. It was his turn and he let the dentist check his teeth and give it a quick cleaning. Hooray! Well, sort of. It turns out that even though my son is obsessed with cleaning his teeth 2 to 3 times daily, he has something that appears like a cavity on his last molar. The dentist will check it again in the next visit (6 months). Additionally, his front teeth are gradually moving forward and it is possibly due to thumb-sucking or using a pacifier. It's the latter.

Yes, I know, he uses it to sleep. It's been a transitional object for him since we have moved a lot lately. I guess that is why he never really had meltdowns or temper tantrums that often. Maybe two or three? [Sigh] The good thing is that the dentist did tell my son the problem with the pacifier and later I reiterated it to him and told him that he couldn't use his paci anymore. When we got home, I heard him crying. I went upstairs to find him laying on my bed, whimpering, with the pacifier laying next to him but not in his mouth. It broke my heart. I talked to him about how we all have to let it go at some point. He still has his stuffed toy and recently he has added my old blankie to his collection. We'll see how it goes the next few days. I am anticipating lack of sleep to resume in my daily routine.