Mini Boden- Adorable clothes for babies, boys and girls!! Finally some hip clothes for kids, though some of it can be a little pricey, buying one or two for special events (birthday parties) is worth it.

Psycho Baby has some edgy clothes for kids. T-shirts are really cool.
Childish Clothing and Kitsel has some more funky, cool stuff.

Vincent shoe store has some really nice European style shoes for both boys and girls.

Other places for kids shoes other than Stride Rite & Nordstrom (believe it or not, you can get almost half-off shoes in Nordstrom and they have products such as Geox, Merrell, Ecco and Primigi), Keen has a great selection with arch support, durabilty and comfort.

Resale stores

Petit Cheri Serendipity- is an upscale children's resale store that sells gently used, name-brand items for great prices. You can find a Ralph Lauren shirt for $3 or a double stroller for $60. Check it out! is a great alternative to find gently used items or some brand new! I found a pair of dress shoes for my son for $1 (plus shipping the total was $6)!

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Babbaco has some unique items for babies.

Melissa and Doug- They have some great toys including wooden puzzles and food slicing toys like sushi. Sometimes I have found their items at Marshall's by luck. Regardless, their prices are reasonable and toys timeless.

Delingos- OMG! These stuffed animals are quirky and original. I love Molos the lobster.

Fair Trade Stores
Fair Trade is an organization that focuses on paying workers a fair wage from developing countries. Here are two stores that may be of interest to you:

Fair Indigo
Ten Thousand Villages

It’s hip to be frugal- great article on ways a mom can save money.

FEED THE PIG- Learn to save money!
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