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Slash Your Grocery Bill in Half

Free Coupons -- No Printing, No Clipping

If you shop a lot online, you should consider joining Ebates where you actually get money back from purchases you make online. The enrollment is free (make sure you include your address), and quarterly they send you a check as long as you have a minimum of $5 of rebates in your account. I'm already received $40!

Coupons, coupons, coupons. Besides getting the Sunday paper, sometimes you can visit the website of the manufacturer, say Cottonelle toilet tissue, and get coupons. It takes time, but it may ease the monthly shopping bills. Mommy Saves Big has a great list of coupons.

I find more and more people are doing the following (such as myself): going to different stores to buy food/household products. For example, I will go to Target to buy butter, cream cheese, bread, detergents, paper products, and juice boxes because they tend to be cheaper than your local grocery store. I will go to two other grocery stores because of their current sale (gallon of milk is $1.99) or meat/deli products are at reasonable prices. Be careful with those buy one get one free situations. I found a package of Tilapia fillets was almost $12, and they looked rather small and not many (maybe three). The two packages for $12 with only six fillets wasn't worth it. I can get a better deal at Costco.
Mr. Tightwad from the Southtown Star offers a variety of ways to save money.

Free Nabisco coupon booklet

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Angel Food Ministry- Is the economic downturn affecting your spending? The Angel Food Ministry offers good food at a reduced cost. This is a non-denominational organization so anyone is welcome.

Groupon is a great website to get major discount/deals in Chicago and other metropolitan areas.